Dual Enrollment Information

You must decide upon the first college course whether or not your student will submit numerical or letter grades to be applied Faithful Scholars transcript.

NUMERICAL GRADES VS LETTER GRADES:  The decision must be made to submit numerical grade evidence as found on the student’s college on-line grading page or by an email response from the professor.  Note that the timing of this must be coordinated with each professor.  Or, one can choose to have letter grades (as will be sent on most college transcripts) converted to the middle grade that correlates to the letter grade on the SC Uniform Grading Policy scale.

  • COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS must be mailed annually to
    Faithful Scholars, 1761 Ballard Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715

DUAL CREDIT will be awarded for academic core classes. These are typically courses that are able to be transferred from one college to another for credit.

HONORS CREDIT will be awarded for non-core academic classes if supporting documentation is high schoolprovided to indicate increased rigor and study beyond the classroom and textbook.

COLLEGE PREP CREDIT will be awarded for all other non-core non-academic elective focused courses.

REMEDIAL COURSES, such as Math 032, or Eng 031, etc at York Tech, will be assigned College Prep credit.

If you are graduating your first child expect this part of each year to be a bit emotional and to take a minimum of 3 weeks to complete.  If there is a deadline or rush please email me and maintain a steady contact until your final transcript is received.

  • submit an On-Line Electronic Transcript Worksheet by or before June 10th of the given year
  • note that this requires a minimum of 21 days to process
  • or expedite to process within 48 hours for an additional $50