Gauging Success

If you judge your elementary student against public schooled students you will feel that he/she is behind, but if you teach at home at least through 3rd grade you will find that your child will zoom right ahead of his public schooled peers.  Public school pushes too hard in the early years which leads to many problems from ADD to anxiety to hating school.  At home you are able to go at the child’s pace which changes as he is emotionally ready.  Our bodies are not made to sit still for even 30 minutes at a time.  It is made to climb, jump, run, explore, discover.  Through this sooooo many neurological connections are being created that cannot be measured.  This is the downfall of the traditional system.  If it cannot be measured they state that it does not exist.

It is difficult to hang in there with confidence wondering if you are doing your child a dis-service, but research, studies, and millions of homeschooled children are proving that the old ways (keep a child home AT LEAST until after age 7) are the best for building a strong, confident emotionally and physically prepared student.

Early readers are not the best readers.  Early writers are not the best writers.  All children CAN do these things if pressured and pushed, but reading aloud and enjoying literature until the child wants to learn himself, using art/drawing for careful handwriting, making math interesting, fun, lively for future reasoning usually cannot be attained within 4 walls, desks, chairs, and lots of time being still.  Studies are now showing us that when the body is too still, the brain is unable to develop fully.  Movement = Brain Development.  Enjoy these years, encourage tree climbing, skip through your days, grow a strong body and character with education being the culture within which to root and become nourished.

You are doing a great thing for your child!  You are doing a great job!  Trust your instincts!