Workshops & Retreats

Faithful Scholars goes beyond accountability-association-basics and seeks to encourage and equip homeschooling families in understanding the varied methods and approaches of learning/schooling; how to navigate within the full breadth of your state’s homeschool law; how to handle your homeschool administration responsibilities as simply as possible; how to teach toward your child’s future self using academics as a tool rather than a measuring stick; and more.  –child-focused and family-centric.

There are no secret formulas.  There ARE easier methods to discover, and there is confidence to be gained.  These are the goals of our Faithful Scholars workshops and retreats.

As with most things, a bit of education makes a world difference.

ALL homeschoolers are welcome regardless of membership with Faithful Scholars

purple flowers Typical Workshop Topics

All workshops must be registered and paid in advance.  No refunds.

The advantage of attending a live workshop, or the Friday (Faithful Scholars) FB Live event, is that you are able to get your specific questions/concerns addressed.

Pre-School & Kindergarten

Elementary/Getting Started

Middle School

Special Needs, Yes You CAN!!


Processing Disorder

Records & Reports

High School  leap of faith

Special Needs, Yes You CAN!!



PRE-SCHOOL / KINDERGARTEN   piano dad and baby

Teaching pre-schoolers / kindergarteners are relatively similar yet vastly different than teaching older grades.  It is still precept upon precept as the child is ready, but school is not compulsory until the age of 6 and detailed records need not be kept.  Yet, most of us feel a weight to achieve some form of academic goals with our little ones.  We don’t credit events or lessons that do not mimic/mirror traditional school, we worry that our Littles (we) will be found lacking if we don’t push them ahead, and we generally become anxious over the possibility of being a step behind or heading down the wrong path.  Oddly, research shows that the longer we allow our young ones to be young the stronger their foundation (to learn) becomes and, amazingly, wonderfully, the greater their future academic gains.  In this workshop we will share our own experiences, observations from home, public, and college prep schools, and those from hundreds of families we have served and taught alongside.

  • What expectations are realistic
  • Free or inexpensive curriculum ideas
  • What spoken words promote hard work vs anxiety-ridden work
  • The importance of slowing down to eventually race to the top
  • Gender differences
  • Personalized Q & A time

ELEMENTARYfeet on book pile

Elementary years are exciting and perfect times to master the building blocks that you ‘played’ with in previous years.  It is an important time to practice/master grammar work, weave subjects together, sprinkle in a bit of formal learning, and dive deeper into areas of interest. But you may also be wondering if you might ruin your child’s learning ability forever by omitting something, getting off track, being too relaxed, not keeping pace, etc. You won’t.  You can’t!  We aim to send you on your way with an inner confidence and a bubbling excitement towards these fun and precious years.

  • How to discern true academic readiness vs eagerness to please mom
  • What to do with younger children/toddlers
  • Why faster might not be better and why it might
  • How early limited academic focus builds toward future unlimited academic ability
  • Personalized Q & A time







RECORDS AND REPORTS MADE SIMPLE  turn off the boxEach homeschool has a distinct method of daily record keeping, portfolio building, and reporting style… And we each continually seek to create a more streamlined, effective system as we live through each incident of catching them up and wondering what a real teacher (okay, gotta giggle here- just pinched myself and found that I AM real). Learn how to save time, space, and money while being organized and legally fulfilling administrative requirements. Join us to discuss, examine and share various methods.

  • Look at various methods of record keeping
  • Discover methods that resound within and learn how to implement them
  • Realize that you are doing a great job
  • Be encouraged that your method is wonderful
  • Personalized Q & A time


Traditional school may seem a very appealing option during these years of transition from childhood to adulthood, but, through prayer, listen to find confirmation or denial that fear is not leading the way.  This will strengthen your knowledge that you will be equipped for all things God calls you to whether it be traditional school or homeschool. Together we will share routines and resources that can help your middle and high school years run as smoothly as your middle schoolers become independent thinkers/learners through their questions, arguments, and debates.  Sigh. What is fair to expect of them and to not expect of them, and how do we achieve both?
High school brings on Next-Level-Fears of its own:

  • What courses does my highschooler need?
  • Am I equipped to create courses, tests, assignments?
  • How do I grade- and what is a weighted grade?
  • Understand the state’s requirements
  • Provide you with a roadmaps for your student’s
    • four-year plan
    • rubrics
    • grading
    • transcripts
    • testing
    • electives

Come discover the edge that homeschooling through high school gives your child when applying for college or embracing the next journey of life.


math artEvery other Friday during the academic year I jump on our Faithful Scholars Face Book page at 3pm to chat about some aspect of this particular curious and wonderful journey we have undertaken. A topic will  be chosen as back up, but truly I am there to listen to your questions and concerns until you are feeling supported, encouraged, and equipped.  There is no need to feel that one ought to stay on topic.  The best live events are those when we tear up over the crazies that get into our lives and giggle over the incredible, incredible????, incredible!!! daily events that become our norms.  The times that we discover commonalities among our home schools feeling the refreshing breeze of authenticity while frantically take notes on amazing ideas.  The joy experienced through sharing and finding answers on the wide variety of topics involved in homeschooling, training, encouragement techniques, consequence ideas, methodology of structure and examination, various approaches, curriculum, day to day basics… and day to day not so basics.  Come join us for the next event Friday, September 6th or view archived videos here.