Member Benefits

Faithful Scholars holds your hand and equips you to navigate home education legally, confidently, and joyfully.                        

The Faithful Scholars Advantage:

  • Home school mentor/coach with 20+ years experience in helping thousands of families
  • Hand holding– lots of hand holding!
  • FREE Pre-K4 membership!
  • Alerts and reminders through weekly email digests and Facebook
  • Easy online application with automatic acceptance
    • we can teach you what you need to know if your heart is to home educate
    • locate your school registrar to alert them of you shift to home school
  • Communication in a timely and personal manner, support, encouragement
    • “Serving at the Speed of Life”
  • FREE curriculum (must be able to browse/pick up Fort Mill, SC)
  • Discounted Enchanted Learning
  • FREE private chat rooms per level/topic at Faithful Scholars’ Home School Village
    • Join or invite a friend for a free year’s membership (offer expires August 2023)
    • Serving all states and countries!
  • Private consultation available–(fees apply)
  • Workshops and retreats on-line and in person (fees apply)
  • No statement of faith to sign—but we do love God and serve from His heart!!

We have a dedicated staff for:

  • Special needs
  • Getting Started
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High school, including 4-year planning consultation (fees apply)
  • Transcripts/report cards K-12
  • Re-entry assistants and documents for traditional school

Homeschooling High School:  We offer more!

Our college-bound students have a 99% college acceptance rate.  According to the Wall Street Journal, colleges prefer home schooled graduates over traditional school graduates! 

We speak regularly with college counselors across the nation, and, to date, my favorite quote by a college registrar remains, “We are in the business of educating young people.  What we are not in the business of is imparting character, time management, self governing, how to do laundry, talk to adults, and etc.”

  • Transcripts (college accepted, Board of Education approved, kept in office indefinitely)
  • Ranking
  • Diplomas
  • Testing codes
  • SAT/ACT strategy assistance
  • Graduation ceremony for K, 8th, and 12th
  • Scholarship assistance (SC state lottery based)
  • Dual enrollment documents/permission
  • DMV documents/permission
  • Governor’s School documents
  • NCAA formatted/accepted transcripts
  • And more….


  • High School Records Notebook containing samples, templates, suggestions, guidance
  • Faithful Scholar’s Village
    • all levels supported from beginning to graduating with dedicated spaces
    • ask your questions, share your concerns, overcome your challenges
    • team of veteran/professional home educator moderators
    • parent to parent connections
    • lessons, seminars, workshops
  • Daily records worksheet samples
  • Mid/end of report styles/samples
  • Video library- extended version
  • Map/List of SC academic co ops, classes, & programs -ever expanding- send us yours!
  • Academic downloads and links
  • Daily rhythm suggestions booklet
  • Extended articles and topic-specific articles written just for FS members
  • Additional hand holding

Accredit is defined as “to authorize, give credentials to, or to certify as meeting certain set standards.”   Accreditation is not needed/required in any situation, nor does it improve your standing when returning to or entering traditional schools/colleges. 

Home education is recognized, supported, and acclaimed worldwide.  Colleges and work-forces seek out our graduates, and our chaotic world is finding anchorage by the re-forming of strong family units through this approach to education.  Homeschooling is no longer a movement but an educational choice. 

  • Fun Fact 1:  there are more home schoolers across the nation than private schoolers. 
    • 1980:  1% home schooled
    • 2000:  2% home schooled
    • 2019:  9% home schooled
    • 2021:  16% (and growing) home schooled
    • 2022:  In South Carolina, 30,000 homeschoolers
  • Fun Fact 2:  colleges prefer home schooled graduate as per Wall Street Journal.
    • Homeschoolers test in the 87%
    • 67% of Homeschoolers graduate college
  • Fun Fact 3:  Home school success is not based upon the parent’s level of education
  • Fun Fact 4:  The modern ‘elite education’ as per a 2021 article, book, pen, paper based
  • Fun Fact 5:  This success is based upon 5-24 hours/week of (sit down) learning!!
        • as opposed to 40 hours + travel time at a traditional school

We are NOT called to live in fear; we ARE called to live in wisdom…. and grace when humor fails….   (questions)

As parents we are here to nurture souls.  Our goals need to be long sighted. Aiming toward our children’s best future self as peoples who will positively impact the future. We achieve this daily by using academics as a tool, using our faith as our guiding Light, and using our day to day life as our training grounds toward self-governed high character.

Learning at home, allows us the time to accomplish all of this.