Thank you for your reviews of Faithful Scholars, SC Option 3 accountability association

We appreciate you all immensely!

Thank you soooo much for all your insight. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say every time I email, I am eager to learn from you, not only as a homeschooler, but also mother who has tons of experience and advice to share. -Jesi

You’ve been such a wealth of knowledge and I’m not really sure who else I could have turned to and received such honesty and care. Watching your children suffocating under the pressure of lessons and my master’s degree trained teacher approach was crushing their love of learning. Faithful Scholars gently gave experienced suggestions that have turned our tears to smiles. Thank you! -Lauren

I deeply appreciate your help! -Jessica

Katie always lets me share all things related to our home school- which is everything. Then she helps in a way that always puts us back to a good rhythm and pace.  We really appreciate all your help! -Lisa

I have no idea what the future holds, as none of us do, but I want to thank you for all your encouragement the last few years in my homeschooling journey. H graduated on Saturday and it was such a sweet ceremony and also such a sweet relief for me to know that I’ve gotten one child through, with people like you shoring me up and God leading the way!

I’m soooo happy I am with ya’ll  when I saw the part about a lot of hand holding I was like YES!!!! And ya’ll have! -Sierra

Update: Had to share the exciting news that Henry was accepted into Clemson for the fall! We’re thrilled and as the homeschooling mama, my heart was so proud of him! (And me! 😉) -Mandy

Thank you for everything Katie, We have loved Faithful Scholars and you and your assistance. Everyone has always been so kind and helpful. -Sharon

Thank you so much for always getting back to me. I really appreciate all the ideas/resources you provide. -Krista

Thank you for all of the help and assistance you have given me over the years. I appreciate it more than I can express. -Jahna

When I began homeschooling five years ago I had no idea what to do or where to begin. A friend recommended I take a look at Faithful Scholars accountability association. I am so glad I did. They are always quick to answer your questions and so kind & loving with their guidance. I never feel like I’m asking a “dumb question”. In addition, they offer a plethora of resources. I highly recommend reaching out to them whether your new to home schooling or are experienced. I don’t know what I would have done without them. -Elizabeth

Faithful Scholars is your best option for a homeschool accountability group that offers you so much more than just being ‘legal’. -Debbie

I appreciate the encouragement and honesty that Faithful Scholars gives without question. -Dixie


First, many blessing to you and your awesome staff. God is going to do great and amazing things.  I certainly appreciate your professional yet personable guidance in every situation I have brought to ya’ll. Thank you for all you do. You are amazing. -Wendy

I appreciate all of the help you have been over the years as we transitioned from out of state to South Carolina. -Michelle

We love you. -Patti

Kate and her team are really the best to work with! At every turn I had the guidance and counsel that helped me make the best decisions for our family. If you want an accountability option who really cares about your specific needs along with support and resources, faithful scholars is what you’re looking for! -Laura

I’m grateful for an association who supports me in the way our family needs and not just by a set of rules! -Angela

As a type A person, some of my nervousness surrounding homeschooling is the record keeping component and making sure the kids are getting everything they need. You were the only one who gave kind and encouraging words on the phone.  You are definitely the reason I chose your organization. -Jenn

Thank You sooooo much for all the helpful information and giving me a look at how you are dealing with your son.  It helped so much to know we were not alone on this journey. -Kelli

The past few months have been such massive transition for us in every way, and I’m much more aware of my limitations than I used to be. I’ve done the best I could with my time and energy, and tried to prioritize according to the needs. I have been so grateful for you and the other ladies, and the confidence that I could entrust so much to you even while I have not been able to be what I thought I had to be. Thank you for that. -Mary

Your advice is SO greatly appreciated. I always feel so uplifted and encouraged with your passion, care, and interaction with your members. Thank you. -Brandi

Thank you for being knowledgeable with our children with IEPS and 504s as they struggle through group learning. You said home school was the best IEP (individualized education plan) and you are right! These kids can’t learn using electronic schooling. -Kari

Your guidance is much appreciated again and again and again. I knew nothing when I began and was so scared, but you ‘held my hand’ until I felt confident in my new woven roles as wife/mom/teacher. Thank you! -Kristen

We were recommended to Katie by another association for transcripts for my daughters and have never left. Their warmth, knowledge-base, and professional yet understanding approach is the real thing.

Thank you for all your ideas and input over the years. -Jennifer

Thank you for all you have done. I pray you will all be blessed for your efforts and work that you pour into every family. It is always meaningful and memorable.  -Elizabeth

I can was dreading return to “normal” when Katie encouraged that we continue our “slow paced homeschooling life” as best for our family and my son. It has been wonderful with more togetherness during meal preparation and clean up and absolutely no reason to rush to or from the table. Walks and bike rides daily. We planted a garden again after being “too busy” for the past two years . The list could go on…. Oh, and we learn so much in between and along the way. 🙂 Thank you  so much for being my sounding board and a source of great advice as always. Also, I appreciate you attaching the high school document and other things that you intuitively know that we will need. Prayers for you Katie as we pursue new and better patterns of life as we all move forward. -Leslie