Member Benefits

Faithful Scholars holds your hand and equips you to navigate home education legally, confidently, and joyfully.                        

The Faithful Scholars Advantage:

  • Home school coach with 20+ years experience in helping thousands of parents just like you
  • Hand holding- lots of hand holding!
  • Alerts and reminders through email and Facebook
  • Easy online application with automatic acceptance we can teach you what you need to know if your heart is to home educate
  • Timely and personal communication, support, encouragement
  • Free curriculum (must be able to browse/pick up Fort Mill, SC)
  • Private consultation available— in office, by phone, IM, Zoom, or Skype (fees apply)
  • Workshops and retreats (fees apply)
  • no statement of faith to sign—but we do love God!!

We have a dedicated staff for:

  • Special needs specialist
  • K-8 specialist (extended resources/articles in our members’ area)
  • high school specialist including 4-year planning consultation (fees apply)
  • K-12 transcripts/report cards
  • Re-entry assistants and documents for traditional school

Homeschooling High School:  We offer more!

Our college-bound students have a 99% acceptance rate to the colleges of their choice.  According to the Wall Street Journal, colleges prefer homeschooled graduates over traditional school graduates!

  • Transcripts (college accepted, Board of Education approved, kept on our server indefinitely)
  • Ranking
  • Diplomas
  • Testing codes
  • SAT/ACT strategy assistance
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Scholarship assistance (state lottery money based)
  • Dual enrollment documents
  • DMV documents
  • Governor’s School, NCAA formatted/accepted transcripts, and more


  • High School Records Notebook containing samples, templates, suggestions, guidance
  • daily records worksheet
  • mid/end of report styles
  • video library- extended version
  • list of SC academic coops, classes, & programs (send us your faves)
  • academic downloads
  • daily rhythm suggestions booklet
  • extended articles and topic-specific articles written just for FS members

Accredit means “to authorize, give credentials to, or to certify as meeting certain set standards.”  This is what Faithful Scholars does for you!  Accreditation is not needed, nor does it improve your standing when returning to or entering traditional schools.  My notation of ‘accredit’ is tongue in cheek to explain to the many who get caught by this catchword.  Home education is recognized, supported, and acclaimed worldwide, colleges and work-forces seek out our graduates with open arms, and our chaotic world is finding anchorage by reforming strong family units through this approach to education.  Homeschooling is no longer a movement but an educational choice.  We are NOT called to live in fear; we ARE called to live in wisdom…. and grace when humor fails….   (questions)

As parents we are here to nurture souls who will impact the future rather than create ‘products’ to be measured.  We are equipped to achieve this using academics as one of our tools.