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High school student - $75/student * 

* high school package includes:  annual transcript, formal college accepted transcript upon graduation, diploma, DMV permission letter, secondary school recommendation, workshop, & email support

SCHEA discounted membership  $15 

Enchanted Learning discounted membership $10

Expedited (24 hour turn-around) Application     $20*

*Standard applications take 3 to 30 days to fully process your paperwork including mailouts.  You are legal to homeschool as of the completion of submitting/paying for your application. 



I have included each child’s curriculum plan for this year.

 I have  a copy of my diploma or certificate on file at home.

(if applicable)  I have sent/faxed a copy of my high school students transcripts.

(if applicable) I understand that I am expected to submit my high school student’s grades by June 10th or he/she may be ineligible for the SC Palmetto Fellows, Life, and Hope scholarships.

I have read and understood the homeschool laws of SC section 59-65-47 and agree to abide by them, maintaining and make available all legally required home school records for review by a member of Faithful Scholars and/or the State Board of Education.

I have read, and agree to comply with all of the Bylaws and Expectations as set forth by Faithful Scholars.