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Hi, my name is Katie Bach and I am glad you are here!

I am a second-generation homeschooler married to a traditional Ivy League private school teacher. We never planned on repeating my childhood (as it was not all lovely and roses even though it was magical). My mind was quickly reversed upon researching and realizing the options we were facing right around the time our oldest turned 5 years old. The brakes went on hard, and while my better half and I have not agreed 100% on 100%, it has been an amazing and positively balanced adventure, lumps, bumps, and all. Not perfect. Not always ideal. Always better than the alternative though.

With our focus on building behavior and relationships above building GPAs, ‘Phase II’ of having some graduates, college grads, trade workers, and some still at home is better than we could have ever imagined and beyond what we could have accomplished were I away from our 7 children for 8+ hours each day.

Being at home allowed me to help start the first co-op in Fort Mill (possibly the first in SC), the first CC in Rock Hill, I helped take on our local support group leadership, we began Faithful Scholars in 2008, and this year we added our new extension, FS Village which is our parent to parent, mentor-led online community that serves not only SC but all homeschoolers regardless of borders. Note: FS Village is free for Faithful Scholars members with a fee for others.

Further Perks That Only Faithful Scholars Gives

While we are not privy to what other associations offer, we do know that our office staff is comprised of far greater numbers than any other association. In that, we are able and eager to continually envision, create, and share member’s only resources such as: a weekly digest with events, reminders, and articles, the FS Village (our parent-to-parent, mentor-led online community), and annual mom’s weekend get-away (fees apply), and a High School Records Notebook containing samples, templates, suggestions, and guidance.

An Accountability Association

This list of suggestions to consider when selecting an association is from what we wanted when we began home-schooling in SC (under another association 20 years ago), and what we offer through Faithful Scholars. You membership will provide an enormous amount of resources including honest, available communication for you with a community of like-minded parents, help navigating through the rigor of paperwork, records, and oversight involved in homeschooling, documents such as an association member letter, DMV permission, student transcripts, class ranks, graduation diplomas, and so much more!

Homeschooling Through High School

You can! Remember that statistic that showed that homeschool success was not related to the parent’s level of education? It is true! Plus, there are so many in-person, online, and dual enrollment college classes that cover any areas that you truly do not want to or know how to teach, you are covered six ways from Sunday! Colleges love homeschool graduates and according to the Wall Street Journal, colleges prefer home-schooled graduates over traditional school graduates! 

During the high school years Faithful Scholars helps you with the following:

  • Transcripts (college accepted, Board of Education approved, member-portal access and maintained in our office indefinitely)
    • We have been taught how to create transcripts that do not compete with public schools
    • Our transcripts are built as are those from Ivy League-focused private schools which we feel is more akin to the quality of education with which our high school graduates leave.
  • Ranking
  • Diplomas
  • Testing codes
  • SAT/ACT strategy assistance
  • Graduation ceremony for K, 8, and 12
  • Scholarship assistance (SC state lottery based)
  • Dual enrollment documents/permission
  • DMV documents/permission
  • Governor’s School documents
  • NCAA formatted/accepted transcripts
  • And more….

Our Achievements

The Faithful Scholars community has so much to be proud of. So many happy students and so many empowered families. So man achievements.

Members Served

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Why Us?


Students Of All Ages

Families teaching pre-schoolers and kindergartners are welcome to join Faithful Scholars but are also able to opt out of school until age 6. We offer guidance and support for families with students of every grade including those who dual enroll earning college credits and high school credits at the same time at a reduced cost.

Recognizing Special Needs

At present, the fastest growing homeschool population is special needs, because it works! Our experts are available for curriculum counseling, and special needs testing.  We can provide referrals for psychological evaluations, help implement accommodations in the daily school routine, construct IEP’s (known as Service Plans for homeschoolers), as well as provide practical assistance to parents for their students.

Graduation Opportunities

Each year Faithful Scholars holds a graduation ceremony that is open to all homeschool K, 8, and Senior graduates regardless of membership with Faithful Scholars or SC residency. The ceremony typically includes certificates of graduation, special presentations, streaming video options, commencement speakers, and more!


Support Retreats

In the spirit of our popular annual Mom’s Retreat, Faithful Scholars sponsors weekend getaways and other meetups to transform your homeschool anxieties into confidence. Focusing on creating rhythms, building peace, keeping what is working, and changing what is not, our retreats are affordable and allow parents to talk, share, and make friends.

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Faithful Scholars is a trusted, experienced, and legal option to homeschool in SC as recognized by the SC State Board of Education with a passion to meet you where you are and grow you forward through your home school moments.