Driver’s License


Faithful Scholars automatically sends our students ages 15 to 17 a Student Verification Letter for the DMV. Legally all that is required is your Membership Letter, however, the DMV Faithful Scholars waiver is helpful should you be assigned someone unfamiliar with SC homeschool law. Please keep this letter in your binder or filing system containing your Membership Letter and other important homeschool-related documents.  If the clerk does not accept your Member Letter or Verification Letter, ask to speak to the supervisor as they are better versed with SC homeschool law.  If you are unable to locate your documents we keep a record of mail outs in order to verify sending or lack thereof.  Replacement documents (if initial mailing has been verified) are available at $10/document.  If we have failed to mail your initial document the replacement will be free of charge.

  • Driver’s Ed:  There is not a way to opt out of driver’s ed until age 17, nor is there an alternate affordable option in SC.  The upside is that you will save that money back on insurance rates.  Scheduling hours is becoming a problem even during daytime hours, so plan ahead and reserve your days/times.  Plan on having your child proficient before putting them behind the wheel with a ‘school’ driver as I hear far too many instances of driving hours being earned while sitting still in carpool lines to pick up the next driving student.
  • After Hours Driver’s Permission: If your high schooler needs an After Hours Driving letter this can legally be created by you, the parent-teacher.  See sample.  If, for some reason, the clerk does not accept your letter ask to speak to the supervisory.  Your student will need to bring all typical documentation plus accountability association Member Letter, and payment for the new license to be made.  Keep this document in the car’s glove box or student’s wallet/purse.  It is extremely rare that this is ever needed, but it does bring peace of mind.
  • Insurance: Use your annual Faithful Scholars transcript to prove academic standing.  If they require verification have them fax their request to 803-802-7446, and we will supply them with required documentation.  This will only be done after you have supplied them with your student’s transcript.