Home Schooling Myths


socialization : the process by which a human being beginning at infancy acquires the habits, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge of society through education and training for adult status. -from Merriam-Webster on socialization.

segregation : the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means.   -from Merriam-Webster on segregation.

I have long loved this argument against home education because my quippy comeback borrowed from brilliant Debbie Moon is, “Yes, that is true.  There are so many opportunities for us to socialize with all ages, races, religions, interests, and offerings that it is difficult to protect adequate time for our studies.”


There WILL BE gaps in your child’s education if you homeschool.  There will also be gaps in your child’s education if you send them to traditional school.  There is no way around gaps.  Consider what sort of gaps are acceptable as you decide what is best for your children/family. 

If your child attends math in classroom A, he/she will miss some of the concepts being taught in classroom B, and equally if attending classroom H(omeschool).  The gaps that will not be as likely to occur when attending classroom H(omeschool) are the character gaps.  Educational gaps can be easily closed while character gaps take years of diligent careful repair.  One is a matter of a present grade while the other is a matter of our child’s future self.


Bringing our children home for their education does not protect them from the outside world.  The internet brings the universe into our homes and more and more children’s pockets by the megabyte.  We can no longer be assured that our tech free child will not experience porn if he/she is active outside of the home at all, at all.  If there is one other child in your neighborhood with access to a screen, begin talking to your child now.  If you are a parent who feels your child is mature enough to manage the ‘keys to the universe’ be assured that your reasonings are based upon sound research.

The great news is that while we can no longer rest assured that a moment on the playground won’t scar their eyes or hearts, we can rest assured that we will be a part of walking alongside and through whatever trauma befalls them.


Interestingly most homeschooling mamas feel blessed to be able to ‘reclaim’ their education through learning a page ahead of (teaching) their students.   It is not difficult.  We did this once and survived.  Now we can reclaim our education and model a rich thriving education.

Interestingly the parent-teachers who have the most trouble creating a flexible fluid home school are those educated as certified teachers.  Creating a small public school in your kitchen is a sure fire way to promote misery for all.  That is not to say that some form of structure is not warranted, but consider the difference in a tutoring situation to a classroom of 25 students.  The require vastly different set of rules and methods.

Creating your own systems, settings, and success leads to joyful discovery!


SPORTS/FINE ARTS/MUSIC:  Each year there is added growth to what is available to homeschoolers.  In our little area of York County we have homeschool dedicated groups for football, cheerleading, track, cross country, multiple fine arts programs, band, orchestra, choir, and I am certainly missing many smaller groups.  More information

PEER CLASSROOMS: I won’t repeat myself aside from listing that just about every community now has a Classical Conversations campus as well as several independent academic co ops.

DANCES/PROM/GRADUATION:  There are groups across the state that offer all of these events with as much glamour and preparation as any traditional school.  Check out your local FB pages, support groups, and smaller groups.  Faithful Scholars will be offering their first ever class of 2020 graduation ceremony!!  Contact Katie@faithfulscholars.com  to join our ceremony.  This is open to all home school graduating seniors regardless of membership.


I often think of homeschooling a child as choosing to teach him/her how to swim rather than handing him/her over to a team of professional swim instructors.  Those not familiar with home education jump to the conclusion that we set out to toss our beloved child into the deep end while we, ourselves, may be barely comfortable in the water.

What is not considered is the investment we have in the endeavor.  What we have to lose should we fail.  The gravity of the decision that assures that we will succeed or we will choose another option.  Failure is not an option.

What is not considered is that we can teach ourselves how to swim alongside our child.  Starting out in the shallow end, becoming thoroughly comfortable, mastering each stroke, going further to teach drown proofing, CPR, 1st aide, and concluding the lessons once our child is able to teach another person all that he/she has learned, is able to save another, and is able to bring back to life…..all with a good and kind attitude of wanting to better the world rather than simply get by.

Back To School:  Public schools have more trouble placing children entering from homeschool due to the lack of a paper trail.  Faithful Scholars helps with this through our ability to create K-12 transcripts, letters of approval along with having very good relationships with our public school systems.  Our paperwork makes it easier for children to move between home and traditional settings, but the issue is not about academic preparednessHelpful article by The Homeschool Mom

We help children attend brick/mortar school who have never had a foreign language, studied beyond basic science, advanced into world history, or feel they have a solid basis on maths.  Each year we see these children succeed academically.  Often these children will return to homeschool but rarely because they could not keep up with the academic expectations.

College:  The proof that homeschooling, as a whole, is a great success is shown in two articles:  College Acceptance Rates across the world and Homeschoolers Excel at College!


When your child completes whatever level of education they decide, they will be termed and adult.  It used to come much earlier- like after high school graduation- back before parents began to be expected to provide a college education for their child(ren).  Now adulthood sets in either after high school if that is the student’s goal or college graduation if that is the student’s goal.

Where I want you focused is at who you want your child to be when they reach this point in maturity and what you want your relationship with them to be.  Does this hinge upon the completion of that science lab, history book, or math curriculum?  Your child will learn to read no matter if at age 3 or 13.  Your child will learn to handle money, themselves, relationships, future learning even if your day to day home school does not meet your mental ideals, but your relationship with your child(ren) will not fail- it will grow.  Relationship will be one of the greatest accomplishments of your time home educating!