Faithful Scholars Accountability Group


Faithful Scholars is a Third Option Accountability Association helping homeschoolers navigate legally and confidently in South Carolina.  We offer support in the forms of curriculum guidance, workshops, retreats, e-mail access & alerts, newsletters, FB live chats, local and online workshops, retreats, video workshops, and more.  Faithful Scholars assists K-12 grade levels, including special needs, 4-year plans, diplomas, transcripts, and ranking.  Our college-bound students have a 95+% rate of acceptance to the colleges of their choice.  Feel free to contact Faithful Scholars with any questions at any time.

We are here to educate and equip you in your role of administrator while encouraging and supporting you in your role of parent-teacher.  Our philosophy is that we are nurturing souls rather than creating ‘products’ to be measured.  More about what we offer…


end of day joyTo love, praise, and serve God in this life through encouraging and equipping homeschooling families by honoring each family’s approach toward education as we equip Faithful Scholars families to educate above reproach; in order to send our children forth with a stronger foundation for all of life.


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