Faithful Scholars Joy Filled Accountability Group



Faithful Scholars guides, supports, and encourages through navigating home education legally, confidently, and joyfully- NOW SERVING SC, FL, TN!!!  Our purpose is to make you legal.  Our goal is to equip you in your role administrator while infusing peace into your role of parent-teacher.  Our methods are at the ‘speed of life’ – real time, real answers, lots of hand holding!

  • State Board of Education approved and recommended (FL, SC, TN)
  • NCAA recognized
  • alerts and reminders to keep you on track
  • legal in 20 minutes through our easy online application process (accepted year ’round)
  • K-12 transcripts, ranking, guidance, support, encouragement
    • Private consultation available— in office, by phone, Zoom, or Skype (fees apply)
  • timely and personal communication, support, encouragement
    • hand holding along the way as you gain confidence and knowledge
    • real time responses, real life answers
  • no statement of faith to sign—but we do love God!!
  • accredited — “to authorize, give credentials to, or to certify as meeting certain set standards.”  Not only do we meet this but we do this for you through our guidance for your entire home school journey!  (questions)
  • dedicated staff for:
    • special needs, K, elementary, middle, & high school, college guidance, testing guidance
    • legal counsel on retainer

    • transcripts (college accepted, Board of Education approved, kept on our server indefinitely)
    • ranking for scholarship awards
    • diplomas
    • testing codes, virtual meetings with College Boards, SAT/ACT strategy assistance
    • graduation ceremony
    • High School Records Notebook of samples, templates, guidance, ideas
    • state lottery scholarship assistance
    • documentation to allow dual enrollment, driver’s permit/license, Governor’s School, NCAA, scholarship applications, change of state, and more
    • 4 year planning assistance
  • member’s only private resources
  • K-12 workshops from getting started to high school concerns
  • video library
  • retreats
  • weekly digest with SC updates, reminders, offerings
  • ski trip (weather dependent)
  • academic programs list
  • FB page and live events
  • Instagram posts, stories, reminders
  • assistance re-entering traditional school

Our college-bound students have a 99% acceptance rate to the colleges of their choice.  According to the Wall Street Journal, colleges prefer homeschooled graduates over traditional school graduates.  We have 20+ years of experience supporting their opinion!  Go homeschoolers!!!

Our philosophy is that we are nurturing souls rather than creating ‘products’ to be measured.  More about what we offer…


Faithful Scholars is an ALL INCLUSIVE (SC, FL, TN) State Board of Education recognized accountability association  with no statements to be signed nor weighty oversight.  Our family loves, praises, and serves God through encouraging, equipping, educating, and honoring those sharing this journey of home education.  Our goal is to create stronger foundations for all of life through grace, love, kindness respect, and honor.                       Join us, won’t you?


  • member letter/member cards
  • dual enrollment permission letter
  • DMV permission letter
  • end of year compliance form
  • transcript input for K-12
  • transcript copy (under construction)


  • high school records notebook- guidance, templates, samples
  • video library (workshops, how to, records/reports, and so many more)
  • ever growing list of SC classes, coops, programs (working on FL and TN lists)
  • record keeping samples
  • mid/end of year report samples
  • spelling rules and other downloads
  • various and sundry links, suggestions, and assistance