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  • Kindergarten only     $25/year
  • Single-student family    $35/year
  • Multi-student family (no limit)   $60/year
  • High school student add an additional   $75 per each high school student**
  • **includes annually updated transcript, rank, diploma, resource/records notebook, additional hand holding, more
  • Enchanted Learning  $10/year
  • SCHEA/Palmetto Family  $15/year (donation goes in full to organization)
  • Expedite my Application Please $20 (48-hour turn around or consider adding $20 to help a family in need)
    • hand holding- lots of hand holding
    • 20+ years of understanding, experience, and coaching
    • professional grade transcripts, documents, diplomas
    • ranking
    • digest (you can post) with reminders, alerts, events
    • membership documents
    • discounted first option to workshops and retreats
    • e-mail consultations (free)
    • real time communication; real life answers
    • school notification
    • video Library
    • downloads (ex. spelling rules; SC coops, classes, programs; high school records notebook ++)
    • curriculum consultation
    • FB Live sessions/recordings
    • Instagram
    • communication, communication, communication
    • articles, articles, articles (use the search bar)