Welcome to South Carolina’s Most Amazing Option 3 Accountability Association!

Do you want to become a legal South Carolina homeschooler?

It’s easy as A-B-C-1-2-3! Click on the APPLY ONLINE button and complete the form or click here. You are a legal SC homeschooler once you submit the form and make payment through our secure payment processor. And if that weren’t exciting enough, there is no acceptance period wait because our professional Faithful Scholars team will guide you and connect you to the joys, methods, and freedoms of schooling at home!

Are you already a legal South Carolina homeschooler but need to renew your membership?

Click on the RENEW MEMBERSHIP button and login or click here. Once in, follow the directions to make payment for another exciting year of homeschooling.

What Is Included In Membership?



Kindergarten Membership $25/year
Single-Student Family $35/year
Multi-Student Family $60/year
High School Student $75 each
Enchanted Learning $10/year
SCHEA/Palmetto Family $10/year
Kindergarten Graduation Add-On $25.00
8th Grade Graduation Add-On $50.00
Senior Graduation Add-On $100.00
48-hour Expedited Application $20.00

+ High School Membership includes annually updated transcript, ranking, diploma, resource/records notebook, additional assistance, video seminars, and more!

What comes free with membership?
  • A robust website filled with home school ‘how to’
  • All Pre-K students in the household
  • A team of veteran homeschooling parents
  • Membership documents including:
    • school notification upon request
    • DMV permission letter
    • dual enrollment permission letter
    • sports participation documents (additional fees apply for middle school report cards)
  • Membership to Faithful Scholars’ Village
  • A weekly digest with reminders, alerts, events
  • Email communication in real-time with real-life answers
  • Free curriculum (as available)
  • Access to a video library
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group
What discounts are available with membership?
  • Enchanted Learning – Recommended for elementary and early middle school ages. Enchanted Learning is an excellent educational website full of ideas, downloads, and printables.
  • Faithful Scholars Home School Village  – Dedicated online spaces for home school parents to find support from a team of veteran/professional home school moderators while connecting with other parents to share/seek ideas, information, and friends for the journey.
  • SC Home Educators Association  Palmetto Family  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  For a suggested donation of $15/year that goes 100% directly to SCHEA/Palmetto Family, you can support an all-volunteer organization that keeps us abreast of local and national legislation issues, home school rights and gives us a presence within the state and national political arenas.
  • South Carolina ETV Streamline – Offers thousands of video clips, educational programs, and photographs. Visit their website to sign up for FREE!  This includes membership in Discovery Streaming.  Each family creates its account.  Be persistent and patient with your inquiries.  They do want to help but have a small staff handling the whole state.

End of Year Expectations

Returning Members, please go to the Member login to complete your End of Year Compliance Form.  This will require your username and password.  If you joined before July 10th, you will need to renew before completing your EOY Compliance Form.  If you are not planning on renewing, joined before July 10th, or have forgotten your username/password please contact katie@faithfulscholars.com.

What documents are in the member login area?
  • member letter/member cards
  • dual enrollment permission letter
  • DMV permission letter
  • end of year compliance form
  • transcript input
What links are found within my Welcome Email?
  • high school resource notebook- guidance, templates, samples
  • video library (workshops, how-to, records/reports, and so many more)
  • SC classes, coops, programs- an ever-growing list
  • record-keeping samples
  • mid/end of year report samples
  • spelling rules
  • various and sundry links, suggestions, and downloads

Faithful Scholars is a trusted, experienced, and legal option to homeschool in SC as recognized by the SC State Board of Education with a passion to meet you where you are and grow you forward through your home school moments.