Dear Mom and Dad…

Dear Mom and Dad, 

You are fully equipped to teach all grades including high school.  No need to fit in a box simply because it is one grade up from last year!  You have got this and we’ll help. If you are not yet aware of the consistent individualized guidance, support, and encouragement that Faithful Scholars gives to each of our members you should read through our website pages.

Our goal with all grades, but especially with high schoolers (where it feels just a tad more intense and important to prepare, plan, and produce), is to encourage, equip, and to educate our parents in the more foreign role of administrators while supporting them in their natural role of teacher.

You may feel that your high schooler will be stuck in the house with you 24/7 doing lessons at your hand, but the reality is, that by this age, they should be doing lessons on their own with you as their:

  • parent:  choosing relationship over academics every time as relationships are eternal
  • support:  together decide on classes, sign up, purchase materials
  • guide:  help them understand the rhythm and pace of the class
  • coach:  make sure they are learning and studying successfully
  • mentor:  meet with them weekly to go over everything and see how they are doing

There are many options out there for you with one of the best being dual enrollment where your student can earn college credits and high school credits at the same time at a reduced cost.

Fears and myths might cause you to wonder if homeschooling through high school is a good idea.  Colleges love homeschool graduates even if their GPA is not stellar. A registrar who spoke to Faithful Scholars firmly said, “We are in the business of educating children.  What we are not in the business of is teaching them how to come to class, how to do laundry, how to converse with an adult, and so on.”

With a growing number of high schoolers each year, there are many red-carpeted entryways open for our homeschooled graduates and few, academic and other, doors closed to homeschooled graduates.  Below are just a few of your options.  (a more complete list is linked to your Faithful Scholars member Welcome Email).

Faithful Scholars is a trusted, experienced, and legal option to homeschool in SC as recognized by the SC State Board of Education with a passion to meet you where you are and grow you forward through your home school moments.