Homeschool 101

The very first step is deciding that you are going to homeschool.

An Accountability Association With Organization

There is an over-abundance of material on home schooling from unschooling to hyper-vigilant schooling or somewhere in between. Navigating these options can become a full-time job made more complex and complicated by Google search. Search, navigate, notate, organize, discern, disseminate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But now you’ve found Faithful Scholars – your SC Option 3 association that distills mountains of homeschool material into timely nuggets of gold. All. In. One. Place. With a search bar to boot!!


More families are homeschooling than are attending private school, and our movement is no longer a quiet grassroots way of life, but a mainstream educational option understood and admired by most of society, but especially appreciated by colleges across the nation! That speaks loudest of all!

Parents are learning alongside, reclaiming their education, and realizing that their memories of beloved teachers and subjects have to do with relationships and being taught ‘how’ to think rather than based on what they learned.


Homeschool Co-ops, Play Groups, and More!

Not sure what a playgroup is? Confused about a co-op?

  • Co-ops are parent-led, the most cost-effective, and wonderfully community-based
  • Dual Enrollment Classes offer high school students (usually) age 16/grade 10 and up an opportunity to earn college credit that ‘duals’ as high school credit.
  • Programs offer (from) academics to supplemental classes like art; they are led by qualified instructors specialized in the subject matter which they are presenting
  • Classical Conversations Communities/Programs are large enterprise-based programs with a coop feel having specified requirements and methodology. Search for a CC community in your area here
  • Resource Centers are pay per class, typically more academically challenging, and led by a specialized instructor
  • University Models typically offer full-time or part-time student status allowing home-schooling parents to select a several-days-a-week small private school plan or a supplemental plan

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Faithful Scholars is a trusted, experienced, and legal option to homeschool in SC as recognized by the SC State Board of Education with a passion to meet you where you are and grow you forward through your home school moments.