Homeschool Co-ops, Play Groups, +

If you would like your class or co op to be listed, please email us.  Faithful Scholars loves supporting our collaborative home education groups!! List formats are linked below the map.

  • Co-ops are parent led, the most cost effective, and wonderfully community based
  • Dual Enrollment Classes offer high school students (usually) age 16/grade 10 and up an opportunity to earn college credit that ‘duals’ as high school credit.
  • Programs offer (from) academics to supplemental classes like art; they are led by qualified instructors specialized in the subject matter which they are presenting
    • Classical Conversations Communities/Programs are large enterprise based programs with a coop feel having specified requirements and methodology.  Search for a CC community in your area here
  • Resource Centers are pay per class, typically more academically challenging, and led by a specialized instructor
  • University Models typically offer full time or part time student status allowing home schooling parents to select a several days a week small private school plan or a supplemental plan


                    KEY TO MAP

red: co-ops                                          yellow: academy/ academic classes

green: programs                                blue: non-academic classes/resources

purple: classes                                   orange: playgroup

Co Op List (click here)

Online List (click here)

PLAYGROUPS  are coming back in style! Yay!!

(please send us your play group, so we can grow this list for you!)


Meets most Tuesdays monrings around 10:30am at Lowry’s Community Park, Chester, SC). If it is raining they may meet at the Chester, SC library or at a member’s home. Drive by the park and look for our fun group of babies to elementary and beyond. Ask for Erin S to be added to the contact list.