Transcript Send Request

Need a transcript mailed to a school or college?

If you have a transcript on file with us already, fill out the information below, pay IF applicable, and submit.

If you have not yet submitted your student’s transcript information, please log in to your member log in and fill out Transcript Input. If previous schools or Dual Enrollment colleges were attended, we will need verification documents sent by email.

IF you are not a current SC Faithful Scholars member requesting a transcript there is a $10 to be paid upon submission. Applies to any who have been graduated or inactive for more than 3 months.

IF you need your application EXPEDITED, it will be turned around within 48 hours. Fee of $50 to be paid upon submission.

All requests will receive an auto response email if submitted correctly.

All requests will be notified by email when we put the transcript in the mail, or CC’ed when we email the college.