Let’s Get Started

  1. The very first step is deciding that you are going to home educate.
    • There is an over-abundance of material on home schooling from un-schooling to hyper-schooling which can leave a person even more confused, but is the decision to or not to homeschool that is key.  The rest is like a river seen from a distance among a peaceful, lovely setting.  The water appears black and cold in the midst of green luxury.  It calls to you and yet instills fear UNTIL you get a little closer and realize that you can see a bit into the water.  You dip in a toe to find brisk running water that is invigorating, refreshing, and awakening a yearning to go deeper.  You take another step, and another to discover that the water is crystal clear.  But, this discovery only occurs by braving the waters.
    • Read through our FAQ’s.
  2. Join Faithful Scholars, and we hold your hand while you find your feet, daily rhythm, and confidence.
    • (SC) Home School Law, Section 59-65-47 families must be under an accountability association such as Faithful Scholars (Join here).
    • (NC) Register as a non-public school , test annually, and join Faithful Scholars for guidance, hand holding, transcripts, documents, advice, etc.
    •  (FL) Home School Law Chapter 1002.41, Option 1:  Homeschooling under the Homeschool Statute.  FL families file once with the school district, maintain a portfolio, and are annually evaluated by a Faithful Scholars’ FL certified teacher.
    • (GA) Register annually with GA DOE , test every 3 years (after 3rd grade), and join Faithful Scholars to aid with guidance and the required annual progress reports, evaluations, and/or transcripts.
  3. Faithful Scholars is now walking along beside holding your hand, you supporting, guiding, offering assistance, and serving at the ‘speed of life’ whatever that means for your particular family and particular circumstances from deciding what makes a school day for your age range, lifestyle, goals to curriculum guidance, and advancing the (seemingly) daunting levels from elementary to middle school and middle to high school.
    • It is a journey rather than a turn-key operation
  4. You receive a Welcome E-mail including helpful lists, downloads, suggestions, video library, links, records samples, FaceBook link, and more.
  5. After you join, give yourself some time to de-school, read through the links, watch some videos, decide which direction seems best for your family, and then begin taking steps down your individualized homeschool plan (we call this the ultimate IEP).
    • While you are doing this, your children can be reading, studying whatever they like, etc but I would NOT allow free tech access as it will begin your shift into home education in an exceedingly negative manner.
    • Begin implementing a set wake up/nap times and daily rhythm such as enjoying breakfast and tea together (shared cooking, chores, etc), reading aloud, researching together, nature walks/studies, afternoon quiet time for each of you, and back to finish up discussion or some such….. while you email/chat with Faithful Scholars discerning the best program or curriculum for your family.
    • The ‘elite education’ of 2022 is based upon books, pen, paper according to the Ivy Leagues while tech teaches us to anticipate an already formed answer/solution.  In fact, shutting down our imagination.
    • Home school is a culture of education that we weave into life as we build and strengthen our relationships.