Mom’s Retreat January 19-21

Simplify! Weekend Get Away and Seminars

  • 3 days, 2 nights of simplicity what you get to choose your amount of connection, support, and sharing
  • day guest only (Simply Saturday)
  • virtual retreat from a cozy location of your choice

This retreat is for you, exactly where you find yourself! Our focus will be on simplifying what/how we do in order to connect more meaningfully building lasting learning as well as lasting family bonds. We want to share the icing on the homeschool cake.

  • $150 Weekend guests can choose from evening round tables, day seminars, naps, rest, personal planning enjoying group time or solo time as needed.
  • $75 Simply Saturday guests will attend meals and seminars with time to break out for some solo engagements
  • $50 Virtual guests will enjoy our seminars while creating their own (solo or group) retreat at home
    • we do ask that each virtual guest pay the entrance fee

Home schooling is pretty complicated in that it encompasses all of, well, everything. While it requires dedicated focus, what if we could shift your current expenditure of energy into a simpler approach and lifestyle? Let us share some of the wonderfully simple approaches that can become your favorite days and weeks.

Inject your home/school life with vibrant moments, break down the complicated, commit to the simple, and build a foundation of lifelong connection and learning.

  • WHEN: January 19-21, 2024
  • WHAT: Workshops, connections, and restoration
    • led by grace-filled vibrant homeschool moms living their best lives
    • receive in person hand-holding and guidance
  • WHERE: Rock Hill Oratory, SC
  • ARRIVE: 5pm, Friday, January 19
  • DEPART: 2pm, Sunday, January 21
  • COST: $150/person overnight guests
    • $75/person day guests* (Saturday 9am until)
      • *priority given to overnight guests
    • $50 virtual guests** (Saturday, 3 workshop sessions recorded to view live or later)

Personal Time is built into each day for your leisure to nap, exercise, read, plan, or do whatever your sweet mama’s heart desires.

Personal Items: Pillow, towel, toiletries, personal snacks/drinks, a book for the swap basket, planning material/books if wanted, journal, pen, your best smile, etc

Meals: Main dishes and main breakfast will be provided (salad bar and taco bar), but the rest will be a group effort of healthy side dishes. 1 breakfast side item and 1 dinner side dish to share.

Coffee/Tea Bar: Everything will be provided including 2 espresso machines (minus a barista)

SATURDAY: Workshops and Break Out Sessions

SUNDAY: Reflection and Connection (for overnight guests only)


All presenters worked hard to make Mamas feel like what they were doing was what was best. I really appreciated that. I also really appreciated that there was an allowed day option. The food was great and the one on one sessions were greatly appreciated as well. It was nice to feel like what each family was doing was good as long as it was best for their family. -Tiffany

General Thank you so much for your time! I haven’t filled out the membership yet—I’ve just been reaching out to associations, gathering information, and reading about SC homeschooling requirements and recommendations online : ) South Carolina is set up differently for homeschooling than the previous states we’ve lived in. I feel like your association provides great support for homeschoolers, especially for highschool- and, you answered in person and followed up with a knowledge and wisdom filled workshop! Thank you! – Julie

It was so fun to meet you this weekend. Your spirit of enjoyment of life exudes, and your eagerness to create a better future path for home school families is beautiful. It was amazing to share time with you this past weekend. We have made changes and are already seeing positive rewards. -Rachel

Thank you Katie! I’m glad I was there, I learned so much. I went home and apologized to my child. We can do better. -Cassy

Wow! You guys are great! – April

No matter how long you have been schooling at home  -no matter the grade level- you will find inspiration, new ideas, rest, rejuvenation, and encouragement for the personal challenges that we all face. -Kim

Thank you in advance for the high school workshop and the help you provided!  Navigating these high school years, no navigating transcripts, is so difficult but you made it simple! –Paula

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