New Year’s Resolution for Peace

The new year is about to begin and we are halfway through our academic year.  Thus far it may have been smooth sailing or bumpier than a toads back.  Either way the sound of adding more peace to one’s day appeals to each of us.  We want it.  How do we get it?

You know what I mean.  The magical day when WE wake up full of energy, the snooze button is not calling our name, AND our children wake up eager and excited to begin the day— and it is not Christmas!   Those Mark-It-On-Your-Calendar days that keep us committed to the days in between.  They do happen.  We just wish they happened more often.  The good news is that they can.  The bad news is that it takes focused effort.

Envision your goal of a peace filled day and then create reasonable steps that will help you attain your goal.  Be sure to include items that will derail your goal.   Second create an If/Then list.  If I wake one hour before my children, I will be able to get X, Y, Z accomplished Then I will not be playing catch up all day.  If my child wakes up with the ever contagious Grumpies Then they will be quarantined in their room (folding laundry or some such with no screens) until they have discovered a new outlook on life.  Thus begins the building of your culture of peace within your home!