Almost 2 years ago few of us would have imagined a world slowed down to the pace of horse and carriage (for a lovely 3 weeks!), however this is where we strangely find ourselves.  This pandemic is only abnormal in that it is being lived out under a micro-scope where we hear of every death no matter how distantly related.   It reminds me of when they were trying to create a customer base for the newly invented chip and we heard of every lost and taken child and pet.  It filled me with fear and worry for my children for sure, but thankfully did not push me over the edge.

Consider that this same extreme swift change of life-course happens to families every moment of every day through other unexpected twists in the road.  What do we do when forced down a path we would not willingly travel?

Will we change our plans of raising World Changers?  Will we take our convictions and courage to daily walk a road less traveled?  -Replace it with fear of illness and/or desire to maintain personal comfort?

As difficult as it is not to get caught up in the media frenzy and keep cool heads, with consideration and courtesy, we must try.  When you ebb toward fear, replace that emotion with an action of learning about your fear.  If you cannot do that learning right away, gift acts of service to get you outside of your fear fanned thinking-loops.

If you become worried about scarcity, replace that worry with the knowledge that previous ages would be thankful for what we deem inadequate.

Be as purposeful in your thoughts, actions and words as you are in washing your hands.  Remain constant in teaching your children that the road less traveled may seem more alien than usual, but it is the easiest path toward positive change. 

Be the positive change you want for our world-  boldly, fearleslessly, faithfully- and your children will follow your example!