Writer’s Circle accidentally began in 2010 when we invited a few struggling students to join our table. Since then it has expanded to a drop-off program covering all academics (except for some years/this year math).

Focused on whole child learning; Our quest is to enliven the understanding and love of life-long learning while utilizing the stepping stones of class instruction, assignments, and (high school) grades to teach our students the joy of unwrapping discoveries while, at the same time, helping them realize that it is their ability and dedication toward learning (independently) that will instill contentment, self-satisfaction, and personal growth.

  • Half Pints (grades K- 3rd)
  • Drop off program, 20 classes
    • Tuesday 9:30 – 3:30
    • Fort Mill, 29715
  • Supplemental learning
  • Regular breaks in scheduling
  • Charlotte Mason approach
  • Waldorf pedagogy
  • Focus on movement, memory, exploration, and experience
  • Seeking beauty and joy through discovery
  • Fun gateways leading our students into our imaginations
  • Tech free

INTERESTED?  Contact Katie to see if there is space for your child

  • High Schoolers (8th – 12th)
  • Drop off program, 40 classes
    • Tues/Thurs 9:30 – 3:30
    • Fort Mill, 29715
  • Full credit classes that can be scaled or expanded
  • Regular weeks at home to attend to other work and needs
  • Covering 4 core subjects plus electives
  • HW tests assigned/checked by WC instructors
  • Traditional -ish approach with a focus on each student as an individual
    • We utilize academics and expectations as a tool rather than the ultimate destination
  • Guidance in organization and independent learning
  • Requirement to discover and practice achieving one’s personal best
  • Understanding of who is responsible for goals and achievements
  • Promote learning as one of life’s ultimate joys
  • Social time during break
  • Socials and protocols quarterly
  • Tech free

INTERESTED?  Contact Katie to see if there is space for your child

In both levels, excellence of achievement is welcomed but not the prize.  Working diligently to the best of one’s ability while growing in maturity through finding the joy of learning gained through taking responsibility for one’s education is our true goal AND prize.  This means that one size does not fit all, but that each student is seen as uniquely adept at their own pace of development as it builds toward excellence and independence. 

We seek students who are open to being inspired to practice becoming the best version of themselves through being diligent with their academics alongside being equally open to playing hard and building friendships based upon kindness and character. Our instructors provide warm safe settings that promote integrity and maturity through classical academics presented in a manner that allows the pace of the class to be indicated by each child’s ability rather than by the highest achiever in the group. Writer’s Circle’s ‘DNA’ is to promote personal growth, kindness, diligence, and effort through encouragement, clearly set expectations, and understanding of the unique variations of an individual’s academic abilities.