Writers Circle Co Op

Class Schedule and Calendar 23-24

Writer’s Circle accidentally began in 2010 when we invited a few struggling students to join our table. Since then it has expanded to a twice weekly drop off program covering all academics except (for some years/this year) math.

We seek students who are open to being inspired to practice becoming the best version of themselves through being diligent with their academics alongside being equally open to playing hard and building friendships based upon kindness, character, and choices. Our instructors provide warm safe classes that promote integrity and maturity through classical academics presented in a manner that allows the pace of the class to be indicated by each child’s ability rather than the highest achiever in the group.

Writer’s Circle is a great fit for the traditional learner and high achiever, but we thrive in connecting with and supporting ‘different learners’ with dyslexia, anxiety, processing, delays, ADD, ADHD and the likes.  Sadly, we have not been successful with defiance issues. It is such a joy to accept a child who has felt defeated by the traditional approach to learning and watch them open up under the Writer’s Circle approach of starting where you are and steadily working forward toward the best version of yourself.

Focused on whole child learning. Our quest is to enliven the understanding and love of life-long learning while utilizing the stepping stones of class instruction, assignments, and (high school) grades to teach our students the joy of unwrapping new discoveries while, at the same time, helping them realize that it is their own ability and dedication toward learning (independently) that will instill contentment, self-satisfaction, and personal growth.

Request Registration Form 23-24 through Katie@FaithfulScholars.com (to schedule a visitation day and/or to check for available space).

Writer’s Circle stylizes our classroom education according to age and maturity morphing and changing as we see is needed by our students. We mindfully avoid handing out syllabi that lock us all into a specified rate and scale of learning.

Half Pints (grades K- 3rd) receive a child focused education full of movement, exploration, and discovery.  Our approach is Charlotte Mason blended with Waldorf pedagogy.

Our Half Pints focus on movement, memory, exploration, and experience seeking the beauty and joy discovered by entering into our imaginations and utilizing our questioning minds.

Level 2 (8th – 12th) advances toward organization and independent learning as our children become responsible for their own goals, levels of achievement, and personal success.  WC students are encouraged, and guided by, instructors that promote learning as one of life’s ultimate joys and HW accomplishment as practice for future careers and hobbies (vs the often dull completion of yet another textbook).

Our Level 2 students are given a full academic load and guided toward becoming self-governed independent young men and women who take ownership of their present responsibilities while maturing toward understanding who they wish to become, how to to create future goals, and meet them.

We utilize academics and expectations as a tool rather than the ultimate destination.

All Level 2 classes are (high school level) credit earning.  Lessons are unpacked in class, HW checked, questions answered, new material unpacked, and new HW assigned for the at home work days.  Grading is included in WC plan/costs.

In both levels excellence of achievement is welcomed but not the prize.  Working diligently to the best of one’s ability while growing in maturity through finding the joy of learning gained through taking responsibility for one’s education is tops- our true goal AND prize.  This means that one size does not fit all, but that each student is seen as uniquely adept at their own pace of development as it builds toward excellence and independence. 

For a dyslexic student this will look very different that a mainstream learner.  The level of work turned in my vary markedly but BOTH can receive top marks -for putting forth their full effort ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY.

All students compete against their personal best from kindness to academics with the understanding that this is the heart and soul of being a part of our fun days at Writer’s Circle.  Amidst all of this academic focus we have large blocks of playtime for our students to create and grow friendships with peers while playing out of doors and sharing meals.

Writer’s Circle’s DNA is personal growth, kindness, diligence, and effort wound through with encouragement, clearly set expectations and standards, and understanding and enjoyment of the unique variations of individual academic ability.


  • Drop off Program
  • 9:30-3:30
  • Tuesday meeting:  HalfPints, grades K-young 3rd and 8th-12th
  • Thursday meeting:  Level 2, grades 8-12
  • HW assigned for at home days (we are not ‘off’ unless a holiday)
  • Numerical grades assigned for Level 2 students
  • Transcripts for Faithful Scholar’s Level 2 students
    • non-Faithful Scholars students will receive grades

Contact: katie@faithfulscholars.com  to see if there is space for your child(ren) and request an application.