A Main Stream Education Option: HomeSchool

Home School being main stream seems counter intuitive and even counter cultural but it is true.  There are more homeschoolers across the nation than private schoolers!

There are so many choices in curriculum, co ops, programs, on line classes, dual enrollment, etc that beginning this journey has become mind boggling due to excess.  I am thankful that it was laid upon my heart to create Faithful Scholars into a realized vision of supporting and serving families as they navigate education at home.  By empowering, and encouraging home schoolers through workshops, retreats, newsletters, Face Book Live events, one on one support, and more you are confirmed as a parent and an educator rather than being made to feel that you are requiring to fit into some model (box).

I am not knocking those groups as they are the perfect fit for many who find comfort in being told what and how to homeschool.  But many of us prefer the ability to navigate the full range of homeschool freedom from unschooling to eclectic schooling to classical schooling to anywhere on either end and in between.

Faithful Scholars grooves to the beat of a different drummer that enables us (by ‘all’, I refer to my amazing, supportive Better Half, our children, the incredible FS staff, and a top notch IT Team!) to serve you beyond the norm, right where you are at the ‘Speed of Life’.

Becoming main stream has given pause for reflection and I realize that we are so richly woven with threads of integrated primary roles – spouse, parent, and teacher that onlookers are drawn to discover what it is that gives us our joy, edge, vitality.  Call it what you will, but it is appealing and noticed from a distance.  In our undertaking to educate at home, we have have laid ourselves down to be devastated by His grace and will, and found that in doing so, we unexpectedly discover that we are covered by that very same grace.  Becoming aware of this option of being rescued from another person’s schedules, expectations, deliberations, and demands we find that those seemingly secure interactions pale in comparison to our integrated life of family, learning, and play.

Each day is alive with the possibilities, the expectations, of revelation, new, challenges and joys.  Our beings respond with praise and rejoicing in our everyday comings and goings whether we know this or not.  Taking this organic movement into the main lanes of educational options.  Our lives are compelling and mysterious.  People see us coming from a long way off and wonder.  Stopping in their tracks to observe our exchanges with our spouse, children and others, contemplating what has caused us to laugh with pure delight!  Ultimately deciding that they too want the brilliant, kind, curious outlook that they witness….and they come to ask hoping discover a deep well of love, patience, expectation and are drawn one step closer.  You may be tired, lacking your normal patience, yearning for a few more minutes of sleep, feeling burdened by lessons left incomplete, but before all of this, and in spite of all of this, you embody the peace, contentment, and joy that others seek!